provided high energy fun, a full dance floor and just plain good times in numerous casinos, private parties and outdoor concerts for over two decades. Although we loved making memories with so many people, in February of 2022, the band officially stopped performing live on a regular basis. Check out the video tab to relieve some memories. We are very excited to now have original music available here on the Music tab. Check out the links and download L A Lyon music form Spotify, ITunes, Pandora and other streaming services. We appreciate all your support and hope you continue to make memories with us.


“Lisa, you and the boys are very much loved, never forget that. You guys are one of the tightest, most hard hitting bands I have seen, and I have seen plenty of them, from even smaller places than the Roadhouse all the way up to the big arenas. You got your sound and groove locked down solid, most bands spend so much time trying to get those two things and never even come close to pulling it off! I try to never miss your shows, because I know I’ll have a great time, no matter what! I wish you all the best in 2014. -Joseph Micciche”

“Thank you for making our wedding the fun party we wanted it to be. We got endless compliments about your music and it even pleased our familes. Great work!”

“You are beautiful! We love your band!”

“San Dimas City News describe the crowd at a recent outdoor concert by LA Lyon by saying “they couldn’t sit still any longer…JUST had to DANCE!”

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